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The patronal feast of Terracina

The Pedagnalonga is the most typical event in Terracina: it is a foot race that takes place on the first Sunday after Easter.

The race takes place in Borgo Hermada , located northeast of Terracina.

The route goes on, partly, inside the village. For the rest, it passes through the countryside of Migliara 56, 57 and 58.

All must be strictly by foot…as long as the competitors are not tempted by other destinations! It seems that along the way delicious food, typical of the place, is offered: pasta with ragł sauce, beans soup, typical Italian pork sausage with bread, mozzarellas and homemade cakes, together with the typical Muscat wine.

If it were you, would you resist?

The Pedagnalonga, born in 1973, offers routes of different lengths.

Participants can be professionals , but also amateurs and children .

So you have no excuse: it is also your turn!

The race aims to bring people of different age, sex and culture closer and provide a fun and relaxing occasion in the countryside of the village.





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