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Riviera di Circe

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The Villa of Domitian in Sabaudia

On the banks of the Paola Lake, in Sabaudia, inside a natural reserve (rests of Circe), plunged into a small piece of Mediterranean vegetation, there is one of the most interesting archaeological complexes of southern Latium: the Villa of Domitian.

Nowadays, the Villa is located inside a protected forest area and opened to guided visits upon authorisation of the Circeo Park management.

Over 40 hectares of archaeological rests of ancient thermal plants, reservoirs, a gymnasium, an open pool and a small theatre.

In the in-house garden , there was a nymphaeum, adorned with statues and fountains. The rooms were decorated with frescoes with warm tones; the polychromatic marble floor had herringbone patterns, in a style called "opus spicatum", of which it is still possible to admire original clippings inside the four arcades.

The water system, which allowed the influx and the reflux of the thermal waters, was very interesting. Still more interesting is the system of slides in bricks, which allowed to the Emperor, who arrived from the sea, to get into the villa without setting wet.

Many sculptures have been retrieved from the villa, among which one of the most famous ones is the Apollo, called of Kassel, imitation of a famous original one.

So, these villas did not lack anything and would have had nothing to envy to a modern beauty farm …in case it would have been the opposite!





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