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Riviera di Circe

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San Felice Circeo - Art and History: Ulisse and Circe

Backs of the Odissea loaded with being able suggestive.
Six them, with Ulisse and its companions, afraid and curious, nearly brave, of forehead to the show of she, Circe:

Within one they goes, the palace found beautiful of Circe,
all of she polishes marbles […]
And to hear the beautiful voice of Circe that within sang
and a large burlap wove, immortale, siccome
the works son of the Dive, son fine elegant fulgenti.

Daughter of the God Sun, according to the myth, possessed wide magical powers, between which that one to prepare magical drink that transform the men in animals, leaving unchanged their mind.

Still today, the ruins of the temle are raised dedicated to the wizard on the peak of Circe, summit of the cape, remembering to us how much myth and truths here have been interlaced in a inestricabile node, than intact conserve its mystery and its beauty.

Ulisse has but the “misfortune” of meet the beautiful and dangerous wizard, that it had transformed its companions in pigs.

Fortunately arrives, in aid of Ulisse, the God Hermes, giving a grass dictates “moly”, than it it renders untouchable.

Sure it is that Circe loved deeply Ulisse. These, for its part, used it for its scopes: she was she to explain to Ulisse like behaving themselves in the Ade, acting with the Sirene, defending themselves from Scilla and Cariddi.





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